Berhampore & Serampore
Alumni Association (North India Chapter)


TANTU the alumni association of College of Textile Technology (Berhampore & Srerampore)  West Bengal, feels it a pride; launching an innovative scheme to provide scholarship to two final year students of Textile technology and Apparel discipline (one from each institution only) in a financial year to boost the moral of the students from the financial year 2018. This is an attempt to provide a seamless passage to the budding professionals to establish strong linkages with the senior professionals as well as with the association by attending the annual seminar. This is one important commitment of TANTU, to be fulfilled from the year 2018. The members of Executive Committee had deliberated in depth & consulted with the senior members of TANTU on the subject and agreed in principle to earmark a fund for this purpose. TANTU will extend financial support to two students to participate in the annual seminar organized by the association


The objective is to create an eco system for the nominated/selected students to have a fair exposure on industry and capacity building. The initiative will also facilitate the students to interact with the professionals of diverse areas and acquire knowledge on the latest developments, innovations and employment opportunities during the event.

Selection/Nomination of students

The two students shall be nominated/selected by the concerned Principal of both the colleges as & when requested by TANTU. The process of selection/nomination shall be framed by the Principal of the college. The name and address of the students along with a brief appraisal shall be sent to President TANTU in advance to make necessary arrangements.

Financial Assistance

TANTU proposes to earmark a fund to provide financial assistance to the nominated/ selected students to meet the expenditure incurred either partially or fully for to & fro journey either by Rail/Flight in the shortest route, Boarding & Lodging, Logistic support etc. from the institution to the venue for participating the annual seminar. The students will have a hassle-free opportunity to participate in the annual seminar without any registration fee and will also enjoy the facilities & hospitalities made available at the venue during the event. The maximum financial assistance that will be made available Rs.20,000/-(Rupees twenty thousand only) subject to availability of fund with TANTU in the financial year. TANTU has the rights to make any amendment in the proposal whenever it is felt necessary.