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Alumni Association (North India Chapter)




TANTU  is a  group of core professionals serving to Textile and allied industries in the Northern region, have come together on a common platform with the objective to serve the industry in a well structured manner, enabling Textile Industry to accrue optimum benefit from the services of professionals to sustain in the competitive market. TANTU seminars are attended by the experts from the relevant field like Manufacturing sector, Capital Goods mfr. & supplier, Technology provider, Accrediting agency and Human Resource Development etc. The deliberations of the experts and interaction with the participants will enable us to summaries the recommendations to give a push to the sector. Besides, it will facilitate to develop an excellent network to share experience, knowledge and constraints faced to strike a deal etc. This may perhaps make the passage easy to make an inroad in the growth path thus to step forward for inclusive growth.

On one hand increased mass-interest in active sports and outdoor leisure activities such as running, sailing, climbing, cycling, etc. has led to immense growth in the consumption of textile materials in manufacturing of sporting and related goods and equipment. On the other hand industrial clothing for protection against heat and radiation, molten metals, etc. has raised their performance with built-in comfort. Not to forget the growing ageing population and awareness about wellness has further created an unprecedented demand for wellness and medical textiles. At this watershed when apparel industry in India is struggling to find the elusive growth path, TANTU seminar has created a niche , focussing on selected segments like Protech, Medtech, Sportech, Clothtech etc., that are beckoning with endless opportunities for diversification. While most of the seminars in the technical textile domain discusses about the raw material manufacturing and related issues, TANTU seminar uniquely positioned itself addressing non-fashion apparel manufacturing segment, be it car-upholstery, luggage, performance wearables, medical braces, face mask, protective apparel so on...

The seminar structure is highly interactive; the panel discussions on selected themes are addressed by senior experts from manufacturing, policy making, and research and development field and chaired by media and consultants. The interactive panel discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Indian technical textile business to tap this relatively unexplored market.  There are two panel discussions complimented by theme presentations by solution providers. The one day seminar engages industry and academia together to develop an excellent network of professionals to share their experiences, knowledge and constraints in the domain of technical textiles. 

The Seminar is by invitation only, to attend any of our seminars please register yourself online.

Seminar on “Performance Textiles: Athleisure and Active Sportswear”
India International Centre, New Delhi
16th September 2017