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With sustainability and circularity continued to be the flavour of discussion in textile and apparel fraternity, denim and Jeans are coming back stronger due to it's severity of water and energy consumption. Jeans is always in the news for good or bad; it is classic yet fashionable; it is blue yet can take any colour.  Globally, consumers own an average of 5.4 pairs of blue jeans. It would be natural to expect that the United States would boast the highest per capita ownership with around 8, given its seasonal temperatures and the fact that it is the birthplace of blue jeans. While India is far behind with per capita ownership of 0.3, numerous seminars and conferences are being organised to discuss the issue of energy consumption, water usage, CO2 footprint and effluent discharge per pair of Jeans making. 

​No doubt, environmental and sustainability issues are important, the 7th edition of TANTU seminar 
"It's in your Jeans" addressed the denim and Jeans issue little differently.  Over the years TANTU seminar has established itself as a product focussed seminar discussing critical issues pertaining to manufacturing through curated panel discussions. This year also there were three panel discussions; first panel discussion  Denim Fabric Development: Art or Science discussed specialty yarns, fabric construction, surface finish, etc. The second panel discussion Finishing Jeans: Environmental Reboot discussed wet and dry finishing of denims, environmental impact and sustainability. The third panel discussion Start-Ups in Blue Space discussed bright new ideas in denim wear, recycling & circularity. The speakers included fabric developers, curators, technologists, start-up evangelists and entrepreneurs from India and Bangladesh. 

It's in Your Jeans